Monday Market - Urban Green Man Anthology - November 30, 2012

This anthology comes to you via Hades Publications. It's an urban fantasy anthology currently called the 'Urban Green Man Anthology':

For this anthology we seek fantastic stories involving the mythology of the Green Man in any form (which includes the Green Woman). While the mythology is predominantly European, the setting is not limited to that region. Also, stories MUST be fantastical, ripe with the magic of the archetype. We want urban fantasy or contemporary fantasy; no science fiction or steampunk please. And while Jack in the Green, the horned god, and many other myths in conjunction with the Green Man are acceptable, the closer you are to using pure Green Man mythology the better.

They provide a link to an information page in case you need to read up on Green Man mythology in general here:

Pay rate is a solid 3.5c/word, and they are looking for up to 5,000 word short fiction. They're also accepting poetry at $20 a pop, so check it out.

Oh, and Charles de Lint is writing the introduction, so that's a Big Deal, okay?

Full submissions guidelines here: