The Perils of Crowd-Funded Publishing (via @KatyFBrand)

Katy Brand talks about the exciting new world of crowd-funded publishing. If you haven't caught up with the phenomenon yet, this is generally achieved by asking fans to donate various amounts of money through services such as the excellent Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Pozible.

Interestingly, my main concern is not whether I will actually get it written, but whether the demand will be high enough to get it published. It seems an odd inversion of priorities for an author, but then again, isn't that exactly the reason I made this decision?

Katy has chosen a new service based in the UK, called Unbound, to source her funding. Unbound looks really cool, actually, the same concept as Kickstarter (project doesn't get funded, you don't pay), but focussed entirely on books. As Katy says:

Nobody goes to the shop and buys a CD anymore. Nobody buys a whole album anymore. Nobody invests in an artist anymore. There is a whole new model for buying music, and the decision to go down this brave new path was made by you, me, us, the public, not the industry.

Read it here:

PS: I'll probably sneak in a Sunday Service for Unbound. It deserves a bit more focus from me. I love crowdfunding by the way.