Why Readers Love Fifty Shades of Grey (via: @bookthingo)

Yes, it's the book-to-hate-of-the-year, but Kat over at BookThingo lists a few good reasons why we, as writers, need to get over ourselves and stop expending energy on this:

Look, I get it. I’m stuck on chapter two of my 50 pages of Fifty Shades challenge because of the awkward prose, vacuous heroine and creepy hero. I get that this book isn’t going to win literary awards. I get that there are a bajillion better written books out there that booksellers, publishers, editors and authors would love to foist on readers.

Believe me, I get it.

But the thing is, the people who love the Fifty Shades trilogy aren’t in it for spectacular writing. They’re not even in it for salacious bondage scenes.

Kat breaks it down well. As a writer, I too feel the pain of something with what I consider 'bad writing' being monstrously successful (and I mean 1.4 million paper editions in a week in the UK alone!).

But...but... Look, publishing success is not just about quality writing. Yes, you increase your odds of publication significantly if you can write well, but there is still a tiny tiny chance that any random piece of writing will be a monster success. Be happy for E. L. James, bite down on that envy, and keep writing.

It’s ironic, too, that romance readers who didn’t like the Fifty Shades trilogy are forced to suffer through the media hype and misunderstanding directed at them. It’s become so frustrating that we sometimes forget that blame for the literati’s ignorance shouldn’t be laid at the feet of readers who have fallen in love with Ana and Christian’s story, despite its flaws.

NB: Yes, you are still allowed to secretly hate it, but I recommend you focus on your professionalism and keep that opinion off the social networks.

Read it here: http://bookthingo.com.au/why-readers-love-fifty-shades-of-grey-and-why-the-literati-still-dont-get-it/