"Alot Was Been Heard" Automated eBook art project floods the Kindle store

This is a nice alternative to all the plagiarism-filled junk eBooks flooded onto the Kindle store:

A pair of artist-coders have unleashed a small army of bots designed to flood the Kindle e-book store with texts comprised entirely of YouTube comments. According to the artists, even they have no idea how many books their autonomous bots are posting to the store.

Christopher Mims over at Technology Review interviewed the creators of such timeless classics as 'Alot Was Been Heard' and 'Sparta My Have':

"The KINDLE'VOKE machinary is based on three major parts. (1) The "Sucker" a clever suction apparatus to gather comments from Youtube. (2) the "Ghost Writer's Table": the book compiler that handles generation of books content, book covers, authors at the same time. (3) The "Amazon Kindle Scatter Bots" that make the brand new digital literature available for all of us.

This is really original (and possibly annoying), and it's worth having a look at the kind of publishing chaos/market subversion our new digital world allows.

I suppose an alternative reading is that this is a kind of public graffiti, smearing digital feces over a shop front, but let's be a little upbeat about it for now, right?

Original here: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/428175/ebooks-made-of-youtube-comments-invade-amazon/