Monday Market - Ancient New Anthology - Until Filled (via @deepwoodpub)

Ancient New is an interesting anthology published by Deepwood Publishing:

With this anthology we’re looking for stories that are a strange collection of ancient and new technology. Perhaps chemistry is highly advanced and rockets are commonplace, but electricity was never invented. Perhaps steam engines exist, but are used to replace horses in chariot battles between archers. The story should have one or two aspects of technology that are wildly more advanced than the rest of the society, and thus affect it in strange ways. We highly prefer stories without magic.

They want stories from 5,000-15,000 words, with some room for individual concession for longer pieces, and paying $0.01 per word.

I checked with the twitter account when I couldn't find a deadline date, and was quickly informed they are open until filled. This anthology is nearly full, so get cracking!

You can find submission guidelines for both Ancient New and their other anthology, Splintered Lands, here: