Do Libraries Equate to Piracy (via @seanroney)

Short one here. I tend to equate piracy to market correction and don't consider it a concern for the vast majority of writers, who are mostly just happy someone is reading their work. In my opinion, therefore, spending sanity, money and time fighting it is a waste of resources better spent on more writing and marketing. Sean Roney plays a little bit of a Devil's advocate with his thought experiment in response to this post by Rachelle Gardner. He defends piracy, showing an example where library patrons are worse than your classical digital pirate:

Library patrons sometimes love to share. Actually, having worked at a library, I'll note that while a small percentage are those super-fans who love books, a great deal are just there for a free read or a project. Those patrons are like the worst type of pirates, in that they just want something free, and nothing else, without ever sharing.

Don't jump to conclusions just yet: have a read to see what's going on here.

Read it here:

PS: while you're there, check out the great cover art Sean is putting on his books