How To Write A Successful Book Proposal (via @bubblecow HT: @sydneywriters)

BubbleCow continues to produce great overview articles.

Though there is no one standard book proposal, there are a number of tricks and tips you can use to produce a book proposal with a great chance of being spotted by an agent or publisher. In this article we give away all the secrets we have learned about writing a good book proposal. If you follow all the steps outlined then you should end up with a commercial standard book proposal that agents and publishers will love.

Do you hear that? Hopefully that promise is fulfilled.

The article addresses how to write the Query Letter, how to construct a Synopsis and how to prepare a Book Extract, with several points in each. I've bookmarked it for future reference, for as I have mentioned before, these are things I neither enjoy writing nor have any particular talent for writing. To me, a synopsis is almost anti-writing, tearing up my carefully constructed reveals and twists and mysteries just so someone can lay judgment on them. It's like a good resume: something I hate doing, without which I will never be employed.

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