Monday Market - Crazy Horse Magazine - Sept 1 - May 31 Annually (via @CrazyHorseLitJo)

Crazy Horse journal is a well-established US magazine, founded in 1960 and accepting fiction essays and poetry. They're opening up for their annual submissions period from September until May, so get your submissions in:

The journal's mission is to publish the entire spectrum of today’s fiction, essays, and poetry—from the mainstream to the avant-garde, from the established to the undiscovered writer. The editors are especially interested in original writing that engages in the work of honest communication. We always ask "What's at stake in this writing?" "What's reckoned with that's important for other people to read?"

They want up to 25 pages of fiction or essay, or 3-5 poems, and use an online submission system. Payment is around $25 per page (layout page, not standard manuscript format page). It's a little unorthodox but, hey, they're Crazy right?

You can find submission details here: