Cassandra Clare, Rape Culture & the Oft-Forgotten Metaphor (via @thebooklantern HT @darkmatterzine)

This really is a great article, and deserves a read:

Rape culture is a huge problem in YA right now. From the controlling bruiser engine stealer Edward Cullen to the attempted murderer sexy bad boy Patch in “Hush Hush”, the bad boy jerk love interest who we're immediately supposed to find sexy for no apparent reason is overdone and omnipresent in the genre. It's hard to escape. It's escalated to the level where straight up abuse is romanticised (“Beautiful Disaster” - which I'm characterising as YA since the author was happy to do so when it made her money then decided to switch), and with the biggest thing in popular fiction being a “Twilight” fan-fic that softens domestic abuse by portraying it as sexy kink, this is an issue that's not going away. Au contraire, it's escalating. And so few people talk about it.

I can't really comment other than agreeing that so often in narratives the threat of rape (almost entirely of women by men) is thrown in as a cheap way to create some drama or tension. This is also evident in gaming narratives (both computer gaming and tabletop role-playing).

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