Behind the Scenes for Dark Faith 2 Anthology (via @jerrylgordon)

I love behind the scenes articles and breakdowns for publishing projects. Dark Faith 2 (or Dark Faith Invocations) is a prestigious anthology sequel to the Dark Faith anthology, and one of the editors, Jerry Gordon, gives us a look at the submissions process:

We invited the original contributors to write stories for Dark Faith 2.  These stories made up the largest segment of the book (42%).  We also solicited a new pool of professionals (31%).  And we accepted seven stories (27%) from unsolicited writers.  One unsolicited story will mark the first publishing credit for a new writer.  Another, a writer’s first professional sale.

Jerry shows some handy graphics, and says there were over 600 unsolicited submissions, of which seven (7!) were ultimately selected. Just on 1%. As Jerry elaborates in the comments, only 53% of solicited authors (ie. Dark Faith 1 contributors and other professional authors) were accepted, but it shows you what we all, as unsolicited submitters, face in terms of obstacles.

I also love the 'Strange But True' section, listing some of the craziness publishers have to encounter:

  • We received 14 novel pitches with full manuscripts included (all deleted unread).
  • Several novel submissions came from “literary agencies” that exist solely to mass email editors. God knows what they steal charge for their spam services.
  • We still receive submissions for the original volume of Dark Faith (published in 2010).

And more!

With names like Jay Lake, Lavie Tidhar and Mark Resnic jumping out at me from the Table of Contents, it promises to be a good read.

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