Monday Market - Crossed Genres - Until September 30 (via @crossedgenres)

Crossed Genres magazine is relaunching! They pay professional rates of 5c per word, and are open for 2 months (instead of the planned 1 month) for their relaunch:

The zine works a bit differently than most magazines. Every month, a new genre is chosen as the Current Genre; for that month, all Fiction submissions must combine that genre with some aspect of Science Fiction or Fantasy. The magazine is free to read online, and it published in biannual anthologies (print and ebook).

Crossed Genres operates on a themed magazine basis. They accept 1,000 to 6,000 word submissions on the provided theme, which for this 2 month period is 'Boundaries':

Boundaries are physical, psychological, emotional, and imaginary. Who we are can often be defined by how we respond to perceived boundaries – accept them; ignore them; sidestep them; confront them. Where do the boundaries we encounter shape the boundaries of our selves?

Full submission guidelines, including themes for the submission periods of October and onwards, are here: