Paid reviews hurt everyone, except those being paid (via @alanbaxter)

Alan Baxter has a little thing to say about the practice of paying someone to write an amazing review for your book:

It basically boils down to predatory fuckwits offering to write glowing reviews of any book (which they won’t bother to read) in exchange for cashmoney. Idiot authors jump on the bandwagon and buy those reviews in a desperate attempt to get their work noticed.

Alan describes this process, including reporting a whole slew of lovely euphemisms which attempt to obscure the smell of this practice, such as 'artificially embellished reviews'.

Granted, Alan does go on to tease out some of the nuances:

Here’s the thing, as far as I’m concerned. Paying for a review is not necessarily a bad thing. We all want to get noticed. We all want our work to fall before the eyes of more readers and reviews definitely help that. I’m always going on about reviewing. If you read something, review it! Two lines and a star rating at Amazon and Goodreads can make a massive difference. People are really busy and everyone needs to make a buck, so someone charging money for reviews is not neecessarily (sic) a bad thing. I’ve said that twice now in this paragraph and there’s one very important word that I’ve deliberately left out. That word is “good”. Paying for good reviews sucks Satan’s rancid balls, because you’re corrupting the system and devaluing the work of everyone. Paying someone to read your book and honestly review it, however, is fine. That’s a very important distinction.

Do read it, Alan is always entertaining: