Oh, God: Klout Is Right (via: @buzzfeed HT: @annetreasure)

This just because I don't like Klout and it is about Horse_eBooks, which is always entertaining, and because it looks at forms of marketing, and how even a faceless (well, horse-faced) automated account can be effective. Basically, Peter Quince breaks down how the automated bot Horse_eBooks became more 'influential' on Klout than Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter (note that the article is from earlier this year):

So here's the story: On February 11, Horse_ebooks overtook Jack Dorsey's Klout score (74.7). If you are a normal person, you've already screamed "SO WHAT" as loudly as you can and gone back to asking people if they can give you a ride back from the Jerk Factory this afternoon because your car is in the shop. But if you're a college student or band promoter or journalist or advertiser/marketer or anyone else who cares about trying to influence and inform, first of all shame on you, but second of all you're probably stunned, like I was.

For the record, I hate Klout and I recommend not using it. But that's purely a personal expression of disdain.

Read it all: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peterquince/oh-god-klout-is-right-5n2n