Monday Markets - TM Publishing - Open to all

TM Publishing is open to submissions in all genres, including creative non-fiction with the only caveat that they are not interested in stories containing graphic sex or violence. They are looking for flash, short story and novella length submissions, with a separate submissions page for novel length manuscripts over 60,000 words (I've linked to both guidelines at the bottom here). There are some specific guidelines to follow, but their turnaround time is around 2 weeks, and they pay a professional $0.05/word for fiction. Here's a sample of what you need in one document for every submission:

1. Short pitch of the work, no more than 500 words. Include a heading with your name, email address, contact information, and the work's title, length and genre (if applicable). 2. An exemplary selection from the piece, as defined by the author. 3. Basic outline or overview of the piece. (Please include an overview of plot twists, the ending, etc.) 4. Complete manuscript of the work.

In all honesty that seems excessive for flash and short story length fiction, but you don't question the guidelines.

It's good pay and wide open to your submissions, so get submitting!

The submissions page for short fiction is here:

For those of you trying to shop around book manuscripts (60,000+ words), go here: