Sunday Service - Persona: Character Development Software (via @theloop)

We don't do a lot of the Sunday Services, but this one popped up over the week and it looked interesting. Also, I'm sneaking it in because it's still mostly Sunday in the rest of the world. Now, software tools aren't for everyone, but they are for someone, so have a read and click-through if it sounds interesting:

Go look at your library of writing tools. What do you see? Products to help create a story outline, a place to compile research, a dictionary app, spellchecking, and more. But what about your characters? What do you use to develop them, or do you just sort of, you know, let them evolve.


Persona is based on this concept: by categorizing characters into archetypes, you can know their background, which in turn shows their motivations, and then allows you to predict their behavior. To put it bluntly, it is the difference between deliberately crafting a compelling character or hoping that the character turns out the way you wanted.

Check it out here: