A Million Books Sold; What's Next? (via @cjlyonswriter, HT @thecreativepenn)

Occasionally I like posting some good news from the self-publishing world. Yes, we all know that not everyone is going to achieve success self-publishing, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look at the successes and see if we can gather tips:

Sometime in July, I passed one million indy books sold. Don’t ask me when; I was busy writing the next book (see, I do practice what I preach).

But here’s the real kicker: that means in one year I’ve outsold what traditional publishing has been able to sell of my books in the past four years.

I now make more in a month than I do in a year from traditional publishing.

C. J. Lyons discusses her approach (as well as linking to the various tips and tricks in her blog), and makes a few predictions:

Prediction 1: As more traditionally published authors enter indy publishing with their extensive backlists, it will be harder and harder to be discovered.

Prediction 2: As traditional publishers relinquish Agency pricing, there will be greater competition than ever for spots on the bestseller lists. As much as we want to treat our books as “art” we are in the business of selling them, and let’s face it, people love finding a great value.

Prediction 3: More authors will turn down traditional contracts once they start treating their writing as a business. Also, more traditional publishers will be offering contracts to indy authors.

Note: she does have a response to each of her predictions, so do check out her thoughts here: http://www.norulesjustwrite.com/a-million-books-sold-whats-next/