10 Tips for Generating Killer Science Fiction Story Ideas (via: @io9 HT: @contextual_life)

I haven't tried these yet but I like idea-generating tips and tricks, so enjoy:

Science fiction is the literature of big ideas — so coming up with an amazing story idea often feels like the biggest stumbling block in the way of your dreams of authorship. Unfortunately, most of us can't just have Robert A. Heinlein mail us $100 and a couple dozen brilliant ideas. So what do you do? The trick is not just to come up with a great idea, but a great idea that lives in your mind and leads to characters and situations that inspire you. So here are 10 pretty decent ways to generate your own amazing story ideas.

These idea generators work fine for any kind of speculative fiction writing, so don't let the science fiction bit turn you off, if you have some sort of issue with science fiction:

  1. Look at the big unanswered questions

  2. Imagine a new scientific or technological discovery — and then imagine it ruining your life

  3. Take your biggest fear about the future and take it to an extreme

  4. Instead of speculating about science, try sociology or philosophy or theology

  5. Think of an act you would never approve of, then imagine a sympathetic character doing that act

  6. Why can't you just go and get what you want, in real life?

  7. Get into a fight with a famous science fiction author

  8. State the obvious

  9. Come up with five non-obvious consequences of a technological or scientific breakthrough, and focus on one of them

  10.  Think about something you used to believe, and then imagine what if it was true

For the in-depth discussion, do check out each of these tips on the original page here. I think item 7 (get into a fight) needs some context before you get too excited: http://io9.com/5950104/10-ways-to-generate-killer-science-fiction-story-ideas

I also really liked Trike's line in the comments: "Regarding #s 4 & 9, someone once said, "A good science fiction author comes up with the car. The GREAT science fiction author comes up with the traffic jam.""