Monday Market - LampLight - Quarterly Magazine for Dark Fiction

LampLight magazine just released Issue 1, Volume 1 of its quarterly collections:

We want your best. But then, doesn’t everyone? We print both short stories and flash fiction. We are looking for horror, dark speculative fiction and noir. No specific sub-genres or themes, just good stories. That being said, we prefer the Shining over the Dark Half. Excessive gore and sexuality should be avoided unless it is essential to the story. We are not taking vampire or zombie stories at this time.

I noted the 'Home' link on their site doesn't go anywhere at the moment, so there might be some teething issues as they get everything established.

They pay flat fees of:

For short stories we pay $150 per story. For flash fiction, we pay $50.

For length, 1000 words or less, consider it flash fiction; 2000 words or more, consider it short story. In-between? Send it over and we can talk.

Worth a shot, so check out the full guidelines here: