Middle School Kids look to the year 2000

In light of the recent link to inspiration for science fiction ideas I thought this article was pertinent:

Some of these letters came from local middle school kids 10-12 years old and they provide a fascinating snapshot of the era; unique in their ability to reflect the pessimism stirred by a down economy and shaken faith in government in a post-Watergate, post-Vietnam War era, while also laying bare the irrational optimism of youth.

I've grabbed their idea summaries for your quick perusal below:

  • New Great Depression
  • We'll Find More Oil
  • Robot Maids, Robot Teachers
  • Electric Cars and Ladies on the Moon
  • Cures For Every Sickness
  • The Last Five Years Haven’t Been So Good
  • Women Astronauts
  • Cars That Float On Air
  • Young People Unemployed
  • Living on Mars
  • Most of the World Will Be The United States of America
  • I Hope By Then Things Will Get Better

Click through to have a look at the expanded thoughts of these 10-12 year olds. Getting some perspective on what American children were thinking 35 years ago might help you tweak your own predictions.

Read the original: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/paleofuture/2012/10/a-new-great-depression-and-ladies-on-the-moon-1970s-middle-school-kids-look-to-the-year-2000/