More Self-Publishing Home Truths (via @ian_sales)

Ian Sales fills us in on his experience with self-publishing:

Adrift on the Sea of Rains has been in print for just over six months and has so far sold around two hundred copies in all three formats. I didn’t set up Whippleshield Books and self-publish because I thought it was a sure-fire route to riches and success. I’d much sooner someone else had published the book. But I did it myself because a) I wanted it done quickly, and b) I didn’t want to compromise on my vision. Happily, I got the book out on time, and no one has had a problem with the way I structured the novella.


Ian breaks down some of the things he has learnt on his journey into these headings:

  1. Most forums have indiscriminate zero tolerance spam policies
  2. It’s not a level playing field, and Amazon has its thumb on the scales
  3. Never mind the quality, feel the weight
  4. Reviews are better for the ego than the bank balance
  5. Once tarred, that’s you forever that is

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