Monday Market - Stone Voices Magazine - Connecting Art and Spirit

A nice arty magazine for you today:

STONE VOICES is a magazine with a focus on the connections between visual arts and the spiritual journey.

There are some great photos on the home page. They accept both art portfolios and literary pieces (articles, essays and fiction) up to 5,000 words, with the occasional piece of poetry.

Our premise is that art – both its process and its product ‐‐ has profound connections to spirituality. The making of art ‐‐ the creative process undertaken by the artist ‐‐ can be a transformative experience when approached with clarity, mindfulness, and intention. Using the object of art, the artist seeks to convey nothing less than truth, joy, and wisdom, entering a silent conversation with an audience of viewers. STONE VOICES is an exploration of the connections between visual arts and the spiritual journey. Our intention is to offer inspiration, commentary, insight, and information to artists, art enthusiasts, and all of those walking the spiritual path.

Payment is an unspecified honorarium, 3 contributor's copies and 3 free annual subscriptions to the magazine.

For art, the payment is the same, although they do specify the honorarium is $100USD.

Important Note: they do not accept electronic submissions.

Check the submissions guidelines here (PDF):

And art guidelines here (PDF):