Review: Blood of the Zombies for Android/iOS (via @scottmalt)

This is another quick article highlighting new ways to deliver old stories. Tin Man Games have built a modern version of one of the Fighting Fantasy style books into a mobile interactive game.

Tin Man Games have launched their first Fighting Fantasy adaptation for your tablet or smartphone, Blood of the Zombies, which is the latest book in the famous gamebook series penned by Ian Livingstone himself.

I spent many days of my youth reading through these books, and it sounds like the experience is great on a mobile device, too. I fondly recall keeping as many fingers as possible in different story branching points, as sort of old-school 'save point' analogue.

I'm looking forward to what else is coming out in this format:

The interface, as with all Tin Man Games titles, is simple and intuitive, with the player only needing to select options and roll dice. The artwork and layout is fantastic, and the developers have included some exclusive art that's not in the original book, which is good news for Fighting Fantasy fanatics like myself. The multiple endings will also have players coming back for more in order to get the elusive 'best ending'.

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