NaNoWriMo-Ch-Ch-Changes (via

Just a quick one today. A lot of you are working on your National Novel Writing Month projects, and I thought I'd share one of our regular commenters' blog posts on her experience:

I now recognize a pattern that comes up every year — the point where I finish writing a scene and have no idea where to go next. If I could develop and follow a rigid outline this wouldn’t happen. If I could develop and follow a rigid outline, I could probably be writing best-sellers. But I can’t. Notes to the rescue. What I wind up doing — once I’m finished panicking — is go through my notes, a lot of which ask questions about aspects of the story. And I pick something, more or less arbitrarily. It has to follow logically what just went before, but it’s only one of several possible choices. Arbitrary. And being arbitrary, I don’t know where it’s going to take me.

I'm like this too: I'm bad at outlining my plot; I enjoy watching where a story takes me. That can be fun for me, but that doesn't necessarily mean I produce a fun story for the readers.

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