Monday Markets - Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons is a speculative fiction webzine focusing on underrepresented and minority groups in societies:

[...] your story, carefully researched, directly promotes the inclusion of under-represented people. By way of example (and this is not an exhaustive list), in our first issue, Angel of Light by Joe Haldeman and Njàbò by Claude Lalumière are both written by straight white men, as is Icetide by Eric del Carlo in Issue Ten. Angel of Light takes place in a future society in the Middle East where Christianity and Islam have merged, Njàbò features a multi-racial, queer and polyamorous family, and Icetide has a gay narrator.

They explain this further on their Mission page:

Speculative fiction is an uncomfortable art – it is a tool by which we artists push readers and viewers outside of their comfort zones into the truly alien, and in so doing, help them to face themselves and grow as human beings. Excellent speculative fiction depends upon excellent “perspective shifting” skills- the same “mental muscles” we use when we learn to live, work and play with people from different racial, ethnic, cultural and sub-cultural backgrounds. In forming Expanded Horizons, we aim to push the field of speculative fiction out of its own “comfort zone” toward increased inclusion of, and comfort with, diverse perspectives, backgrounds and points of view.

Expanded Horizons is looking for fiction and essays up to 6,000 words, as well as poetry, and pay $30USD per piece.

Submissions guidelines here:

They also accept Art submissions here: