Our Beautiful Meritocracy (via @TaraMoss)

Tara Moss mocking the flawless meritocracy of our society (hint: it's not a flawless meritocracy):

[W]hen VIDA decided to count the reviews in a number of important literary publications and discovered that male writers were up to 438% [...] more likely to be reviewed than female writers in publications like The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, Paris Review, The New Yorker, London Review of Books, Harper’s Magazine and others, we all knew, instinctively, that this could have nothing to do with what some insist on calling ‘unconscious gender bias‘. Sure, male and female writers publish about an equal number of books, but reviewers always review the best books available and the difference in the number of reviews is solely due to the merit of the books in question. (As one commenter noted, VIDA really needs to stop all this pointless counting and teach women how to write properly.)

Read the rest of Tara's scathing article here: http://taramoss.com/our-meritocracy/