Common Manuscript Mistakes and the Writers Who Make Them (via @AimeeLSalter)

Aimee L. Salter shares her experience critiquing manuscripts with us all, in the form of a handful of common manuscript mistakes. I recognise a handful of them from my own reading, and, truth be told, from some of my lazier writing:

1. Wordiness - An inability to identify the most efficient way to phrase a sentence.
2. Telling - Most novice writers "tell " because they don't know they're doing it.
3. Implausibility
The most common implausibilities I encounter are:
1.      Vital information or item falls into protagonist’s lap via means they didn’t anticipate or fight for.
2.      Character One explains things to Character Two that Character Two already knows – but the reader doesn’t.
3.      Character makes a decision not to ask a question, or not to follow a lead, or not to explore something which very obviously could provide answers to the story question.

As I am wont, I only stripped the headings out to pique interest and to remind you to go visit Aimee's site if you think this might help you. More details and examples for each of these points here: