Follow up to Subcompact Publishing (via @craigmod, HT: @gruber)

This is a quick follow up on a recent article I linked to about a lean approach to modern magazine epublishing, Craig Mod collects the responses to his original post, then discusses it in the context of the recent folding of News Ltd's 'The Daily' ipad magazine:

Murdoch's The Daily was — in nearly every respect — the polar opposite of a subcompact publishing tool, platform, or publisher. It didn't take long for others to notice that, either.


In the end, The Daily chose the wrong slice from the tablet publishing distribution dichotomy. Right now (and certainly two years ago!) you get to choose one, and only one:

  • Large → Many: A huge publication with massive overhead that's distributed everywhere
  • Small → Few: A lean publication with small overhead that's laser focused on a single platform

They went for the most ridiculous non-option: a huge publication with massive overhead, laser focused on a single platform.

Read it: