UK Bookshop number halved in 7 years (via @thebookseller)

Just a quick one: even the UK Bookseller association thinks the conclusions drawn from this research are a little extreme.

[Bookseller Association chief executive Tim] Godfray said: “While the overall picture in terms of the number of independent booksellers in the UK is still one of contraction, our figures contradict the Experian results and indicate this rate of decline actually has been slowing for the last two years. We are not seeing the end of the bookshop.”

From my own perspective as a reader and buyer of books, this is the kind of result I expect: a rapid closure of the weakest bookshops, followed by a decline in closures as the industry adapts. A modern bookshop needs to foster community and be a place of discovery, a real life recommendation engine, even. I'm therefore inclined to agree with the gentleman from the Bookseller Association that this is merely a sign of an adapting industry, not a dying one.

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