Avoiding Self-Publishing Scams (via: @AllanDouglasDgn)

Allan Douglas lists some warning signs to avoid getting scammed by a vanity publishing group:

Vanity publishers accept anyone and charge unsuspecting authors to publish their work, often producing books that are poorly written, have not been edited, have awful covers, and are (for all intents and purposes) virtually worthless in the commercial book market.  Worthless, to everyone except the vanity publisher, who makes thousands of dollars from the author.

The warning signs are below - note that Allan digs deeper into each of these sections.

  1. Glad-handing and Flattery
  2. They Seek You
  3. Guaranteed Success
  4. Hollow Promises
  5. Smoke & Mirror Marketing Claims
  6. Unintelligible Contracts
  7. Hedgy Editing
  8. Dodgy Discounts
  9. Dastardly Documentation Fees
  10. Self-Publishing that is not Self-Publishing.

For a closer look into these points, read on here: http://www.allandouglas.com/blog/publishing-2/avoiding-self-publishing-scams/