The Tyranny of Amazon (via @pattyjansen)

Patty Jansen describes her terrible experience dealing with Amazon after her account was locked, including going through some of the publisher-unfriendly business structure that makes it almost impossible for a small self-publisher ever to be paid by Amazon:

What is more, with each regional sub-store they open, they will withhold a threshold of at least $100 per store before they pay out. There are eight regional stores at the moment. They will potentially hold onto $800 of my royalties. What are they? A fucking bank? Do I get interest? (Answer: noooooo!)

Add to that how Amazon charges international customers more money, takes extra royalties, and helpfully withholds tax you don't have to pay...oh, and this: I was a warehouse wage slave.

My opinion on DRM is widely known (or at least widely guessable), so I've never supported the Amazon Kindle ecosystem of locked files, but these kinds of nightmare hoops just emphasize how unhealthy Amazon's bookstore really is for self-publishers and small/indie publishers. And don't forget Jon Page's comments about how Amazon strangles independent bookselling.

Patty advises her readers:

While this goes on, I ask people who want to buy my fiction to PLEASE DO SO ON KOBO. You’ll notice that the right-hand panel of this blog has changed. I’ve deleted all the Amazon links from this panel. Instead, the images link through to my author website. Yes, you will see the Amazon options still linked there. This is because I respect the fact that some people like to buy on Amazon and like the streaming and synching and whatever. But if it’s all the same to you, please don’t.

Full link here (do read it):