A Writing Process (via @cacotopos)

Occasionally I discuss something vaguely interesting and relevant to writing on my personal blog, so I'm taking advantage of my power here at Literarium to cross-post it. Today I wrote about the process I use to craft a story on demand/deadline, as opposed to just writing the stories that pop naturally into my head. An important part of transitioning from hobby writing to more professional (ie. money earning) writing is that you can't really afford to wait for inspiration to punch you in the face.

I've written down the steps I follow to go from deadline to deliverable. It's full of helpful tips like:

It may help to have a friend around to bounce your ideas off. Obviously they won’t understand or appreciate the amazing thing you’re creating, unless they are a fellow writer (and I don’t suggest talking to writers, they’re strange). Don’t be discouraged if your friend scowls at you or says stuff like, ‘Stop calling me, it’s been 6 months, it’s over.’

Hopefully it mirrors an effective process you use, or gives you some inspiration, or merely entertains you.

Read it here: http://cacotopos.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/a-writing-process/