Monday Markets - Bristol Prize - April 30th, 2013

The Bristol Prize is looking for short fiction up to 4,000, from anywhere in the world, for any writer over 16 years. I generally try not to promote competitions with entry fees but the entry fee is a low £8 and the prizes range from £100-£1,000.

The maximum length of submissions is 4,000 words and there is no minimum length. Stories can be on any theme or subject and are welcome in any style including graphic, verse or genre-based (Crime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Children's etc..) .

Personally ... well ... I hate un-themed, unrestricted competitions. I just don't think it's fair to ask judges to picking the 'best' writing, when there is such a broad range of styles and genres invited. It's like picking the 'best' food or the 'best' holiday, instead of the 'best citrus fruit' or the 'best tropical beach destination'. Generally I err on the side of 'literary fiction' when it comes to these events.

But I'm not here to judge! Write your best and send it in.

Rules here: