41 Flavors of Body Language (via @susanjmorris)

I haven't posted one of Susan Morris's entertaining posts on writing tips. This one is about characterisation without dialogue:

Body language can transform a fight scene from mere hack-and-slash into a riveting clash of bodies and souls. It can make an otherwise yawn-inducing argument so intense you forget to breathe. And it can take the wooden performance of a cardboard character and bring it to vibrant, messy, glorious life.

She goes on to provide 41 emotions and examples of body language.

41 Emotions as Expressed through Body Language unique This list, while exhausting, is soooo not exhaustive; it barely scratches the surface. And each entry could easily become cliché (if it isn’t already). But, it should be enough to get you started. Want more? Start watching people (not in a creepy way), and take notes of what they seem to do when expressing different emotions. Your repertoire of expression will double in no time. PS—do not use these for actual, real-life body language reading; you will fail. These are strictly novelistic.

It's a great reference, so don't miss it. Read it here: http://www.omnivoracious.com/2013/01/41-flavors-of-body-language-for-writers.html