Self-Publishing and eBook Parts (via @jakonrath)

Joe Konrath shares the structure he uses to format his ebooks, with explanations for each part. I'll just post the headline items here. It's quite a useful look at how an electronic book differs from a print book. Just because, for example, excerpts are traditional placed at the end of a print book doesn't mean this is the best way to do it in digital format:

When someone downloads one of my ebooks, this is what they see in the order they see it:

  1. Cover art. That should be at the very beginning, like a paper book.

  2. If it isn't a compilation, the very first page should be the product description. AKA the back jacket copy.

  3. Title page. Include author name.

  4. Hyperlinked table of contents.

  5. Dedication, if any.

  6. The book, with hyperlinked chapters.

  7. Any extras.

  8. Acknowledgements, if any.

  9. About the author or bio.

  10. Bibliography.

  11. Ads.

  12. Copyright page

I particularly liked how he puts the back copy at the front of the text - in the good ol' dead-tree book days, the back is easily accessible. But if you want to give someone opening your eBook a quick reminder of what the book is about, it really needs to be visible as early as possible.

Check it out here: