Buying Used Books by the Grocery Bag (HT @writerscentreau)

I've joked about buying Dan Brown novels by the pound, but it seems this bookshop has it worked out:

To help keep books circulating in and out, Kerby offers store credit for returns, but limits locals to one grocery bag of returns per day. She has to enforce it often. Some people come in with stacks upon stacks of books, some in good shape and some not so much.

After Terry Dean's complaints last week regarding people being entitled and expecting to read for free at libraries, we see:

Betty [a happy customer] has nothing against libraries, but said it’s the customer service at Pendleton Book Company that keeps her coming back.

Surprising? Of course not. People have always been happy to pay for something when it provides extra value. Commerce is not a simple equation where free trumps everything.

Check it out: