The Magic of Book Marketing (via @gretavdr)

Greta van der Rol managed to spike her new book, 'Morgan's Return' into the sales charts at Amazon and she has no idea how:

The answer is simple: I haven’t a clue. As I said in the title, maybe it’s magic. Maybe a sprinkle of fairy dust landed on my shoulder, and caused Amazon to send out the ad at top left.

Helpfully though, she gives us a list of things she explicitly didn't do (her detailed explanations follow in the link)

  1. I’ve written a ‘good book’
  2. I advertised.
  3. I participated in blog tours.
  4. I have a huge web presence.
  5. I bought reviews.
  6. I bash the book on Twitter.
  7. Kindle Select
  8. It’s a cheap read.

Greta also lists a few things she did do that might've helped her sales. Have a look, this stuff really is difficult to quantify, so any input you get could help.

Read it all here: