Monday Markets - Materiality - Mar 29, 2013 (via @pinknantucket)

At the risk of pasting most of the useful information directly from the website, let me introduce Materiality magazine. Materiality is a bi-annual themed print publication:

[...] that includes fiction, essay, images and poetry, focusing on the physical and material—anything from how an object or material is made, to how materials and objects  have affected our personal lives, culture or history. We source content from writers, artists, conservators, curators, craftspeople, historians, hobbyists, enthusiasts, photographers, manufacturers, materials scientists, engineers, designers and architects. We like to mix creative non-fiction with creative works. In our journal, you might find an article about the history of the paper bag, a poem inspired by childhood toys, a photo-essay on snow-worn timber, or a graphic about the construction of the spacesuit.

They're looking for submissions for issue 2, themed 'Time', published in June 2013.

The concept of “time” encompasses many material things. There are of course all those ingenious timekeeping devices we’ve invented: sundials (and other shadow clocks), water clocks, candle (and incense!) clocks, the hourglass, bells, mechanical and digital clocks and watches, atomic clocks, and so on. How were they made, how do they work, and how did the available technology affect their construction? Who owned and used them? What new things did they allow us to do?

They're after fiction, verse, comics, photographs and artworks (and more), and pays token amounts from $10-$30 depending on the length of the submission, as well as copies of the print magazine.

Submissions guidelines here: