Short Stories are Big Again! (HT @simonschusterAU)

Nice to see Short Stories are in a renaissance after all!

Story collections, an often underappreciated literary cousin of novels, are experiencing a resurgence, driven by a proliferation of digital options that offer not only new creative opportunities but exposure and revenue as well.

This makes perfect sense to me. With the ease of getting short fiction into electronic format and in front of people, one would expect a steady increase in demand from readers.

I've mentioned before that we need something like The Magazine for short fiction. If I could throw it together easily I'd do it myself.

Note: I don't think Amazon singles or whatever it's called is in any way a proper implementation of a digital short fiction market. Why? They're treating short fiction discovery like novel discovery, which is a lazy way to reuse their existing digital library.

I have ideas on how to do this better - maybe if I run into you at a convention we'll discuss it some time?

Link here: