Validate me! (via @susanjmorris)

Susan Morris tackles the struggle of finding validation for a writer (and by extension motivation):

[T]ragically, for the (particularly unpublished) writer[, a] lot of those opportunities for validation simply aren’t there. There aren’t a ton of milestones, unless you’re forcing your raw, unedited chapters on the unsuspecting—and they are loving them—and that can feel somewhat forced. And if you have artificial milestones in the form of intermittent classroom deadlines, you don’t necessarily have the time to polish a piece until you’re happy with it, and teachers and editors are there to make your writing better, not to let you know what an unequivocal genius you are.

She posits a few tips to get some validation without skewing your entire approach to writing:

  • Remind Yourself of Why You Started
  • Remind Yourself of What You Do Well
  • Focus on the Present (Screw the Past and Forget the Future)
  • Find a Supportive Writing Group

Susan is always a great source of writing advice, so if you want to look deeper into those points, click through here: