Monday Markets - Fireside Magazine - March 15 to May 1 (via @firesidemag)

Fireside magazine just reached the Kickstarter funding that will finance it for an entire year:

Fireside will be opening to submissions for flash fiction on March 15. We plan on staying open at least until May 1, and will give two weeks’ notice before we close the window. The address to send stories to will be posted here on the 15th. We will accept two story submissions at a time per writer.

(Also, all stories will be considered blind, meaning the names will be taken off before editor Brian White sees them. We’re doing this because we’ve raised our money through Kickstarter and do not want to leave the impression that pledges have influenced story selection.)

They're after 1,000 words or less. Payment is 12.5 cents per word (protip: that's really good).

There's a great article discussing this exciting shift in magazine funding here:

And submissions guidelines here: