Lessons in Bestsellerification (via @ian_sales)

Ian Sales has a quick look at the top 10 Science Fiction list on Amazon:

So what does this tell us? That most sf sold on Amazon these days is sold via Kindle. That self-published sf is out-selling sf from major imprints on Amazon. That the best way to build a platform for a self-publish [sic] sf novel is to serialise it on your website.


Aside from the last point, all of the above seem to run counter to what is actually the case.

Ian has a look at other bestseller lists and draws some comparisons, leaving us with:

So if there’s a conclusion to be drawn from all this, I’m not entirely sure what it is. It seems self-evident that Amazon has “massaged” its figures… But to what end?

I found it amusing that Les Misérables is number 10 on the Amazon SF bestseller list. I don't try to understand these things.

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