You Can’t Talk About Your Own Culture in Science Fiction (via @silviamg)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia lets loose at some complaints about non-Western cultures in Science Fiction:

I was having a great morning, munching on a cookie, when someone sent me a link to a livejournal rant where the writer complains about the current award-nominated “science fiction” stories (their quote marks) saying that they resemble a “family from a non-white cultural background sitting around and talking about their traditions”.

[snip quote from the referred rant]

This pisses me off. This is exactly why I spent several years waffling about writing speculative fiction. I was afraid that if I didn’t use white, anglo-characters or, hey, maybe imaginary elves from the land of Myrhdjdi, it wouldn’t count as fantasy or sci-fi.

It's not very long, but it does deconstruct the strange notion that it's not ok to focus on cultural stuff unless that culture is of course invisible (ie. western culture). It's something to think about if you've ever felt like Silvia.

Incidentally, I love the artwork in her post.

Read it here: