Monday Markets - Sword and Laser Anthology - May 15, 2013 (via @swordandlaser)

Sword and Laser is looking for stories for their first ever anthology:

What are we looking for in a story? Diversity.  Not helpful?  OK.  Here are some better guidelines.

• Interesting characters. They can be evil or nice or mean or stupid, but they should be worth spending time reading about.

•Original settings, point-of-view, and voice. Not necessarily within your story, although that’s important too. But we want lots of different kinds of stories in the anthology. Hard for you to manage when you’re not reading all the other stories, but suffice to say if you’ve seen a story like yours before, it’s less likely to get chosen.

• Unique experience. We’re not going to ask you to ‘write what you know’ and also expect stories about aliens and dragons... form most of you... but situations and reactions drawn from your unique experiences that expose us to something new, will definitely be a plus.

• Stuff happening. Believe it or not, some people write stories where nothing happens. Please don’t be one of those people. Have a central, compelling idea or conflict. We want exciting ideas and character growth.  At least a little.

• Love, laughs, fights, philosophy, insight are all also welcome.

• It needs to be in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. We define this pretty loosely of course. Not every story has to have spaceships or castles. We hope they don’t! But the farther you stray from the center of the sword or laser styles, the less likely we’ll want the story.

They pay USD$200 upon acceptance, and are looking for stories from 1,500 - 7,500 words (with a little bit of flexibility).

Full guidelines here, including a list of things to avoid: