Hanging out with writers is exhilarating…and exhausting (via @LisaJJackson HT @Gretavdr)

Lisa Jackson on her experience at a writers' conference, and how she wishes she could've absorbed more of the experience:

Writing can be a solitary life, right? Even when working in a noisy cafe, I can encapsulate myself as I focus on my work – be with/around people, yet still alone.

So when I purposely join a group of writers for a couple hours or more, it’s a bit of a emotional overload. I go from my own thoughts to learning about other writers, what they’re passionate about, what they enjoy reading and writing, and what they are currently working on.

I enjoy hanging out with fellow writers too, but I agree that the wave of personalities and stories and works in progress can be a little overwhelming. I wonder if there's a way to compartmentalise without being utterly anti-social; some way to get the best of both worlds...

I'll think on it and let you know if something springs to mind.

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