Barnes & Nobles launches Nook Press for Self-Pub (via HT: jdalrymple)

I'll skip the intro and jump to the details:

The Nook Press platform includes features such as a web-based content tools for authors to write, edit, format and publish their work and online forum for writers to share their work in a secure environment. Authors also have potential merchandising opportunities in the Nook Store and upcoming Nook Press Nook Channel on Nook HD and Nook HD+. Select content will be in social media campaigns, e-mails and newsletters directed to NOOK customers, Nook Media said.

Any opportunity to get work out there is good, but my cynical senses prick a little at things where writers get 'potential merchandising opportunities' and 'select content' chosen for social media campaigns. I imagine these kinds of services turning into a literary pit fight:

Bloodied scraps of manuscripts and clothes and authors' skin drift upwards from the pit in a draft made of the heat of dying bodies, only to be snatched by a gnarled, beringed finger.

"Hm, yes." It's a deep, hungry, contemplative voice. "This seems ready. Bring her up. We have some social media campaigns she might like to feature in."

Read it: