Fair Use (via @jakonrath)

Joe Konrath:

I define "fair use" as: You can do whatever you want with my intellectual property, as long as you're doing it without intending to make money. Once you want to make money from it, get in touch and we'll try to work something out.

This was prompted by a photo and caption he saw on twitter:

"Copyright is fundamental to creative industries, those who believe it's not relevant are mistaken"

I find that interesting on a few levels. And by "interesting" I mean "bullshit".

I agree entirely with Joe here. It's utter bullshit. There are many creative industries, such as the fashion industry and the culinary industry, that do not 'enjoy' copyright protection. They are doing VERY well indeed. Copyright is not fundamental to creative industries in any way, and to claim it is is to be utterly wrong.

In fact let me rephrase it as my own quotable quote: Copyright law is fundamentally antithetical to creative industries, and those who believe it isn't are fundamentally mistaken.

And before anyone starts yelling at me, copyright is distinct from moral rights (ie. the right to be acknowledged as the creator of a work), and certainly isn't a requirement to make money from your art. See, as I said, the entirely copyright free fashion industry.

Read Joe's full piece here: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/fair-use.html