Monday Markets - I, Automaton Anthology - July 15 2013

This is a steampunk-y anthology is coming up in the next two months:

Imagine a world where the Robotic Age came early, riding a wave of steam power and Babbage analytical machines. This is the world we want you to explore. The brave new world of steam powered Artificial Intelligence. What are the implications of this in the alternative Victorian Worlds? Robotic servants displacing an entire class of people? The effects the rise of robotic blood sports would have on the Victorian ethos and decorum. Or even how warfare would change with the birth of robotic warriors fighting mighty battles for their human overlords? How would the lives of famous people affect or be affected by these new automatons?

They're after 1,000-7,000 word short stories, and paying token amounts in several (publicly listed) tiers, from $60 to $10 USD, so nothing amazing but still of interest.

Check it out here: