Self-Publishing is the Worst (HT: @annetreasure)

I was going to present this without comment, but any of you who know me realise that was a lofty goal indeed. I ... I don't want to put the boot into Ted Heller for writing his article. But...well...he actually has an agent, and some books that the NYT has actually looked at. Despite the woes detailed in the story I think he's actually not got it so bad... Ted does acknowledge that towards the end of the article, though:

Now, I happen to know a few people at magazines and newspapers; I’ve had novels published and I have an agent. But what is this experience like for Jane and John Q. Self-Publishing Author way out there in South Podunk, who don’t know anybody at all and who have zero connections? My heart goes out to them. I know why I do it (I enjoy the piss out of writing, I believe I might be good at it, I don’t know how to do anything else, and I was laid off from my last job). I cannot explain how I do it, but I really don’t know how those other people — the 99 Percent of Writerdom — can do this. Where do they find the time and the stomach?

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