What you need to know about book piracy (via @rayntweets, HT: @petermball)

It's rare that I have nothing to say, but Claire Ryan says everything I could possibly have to say or have said about ebook piracy.

It’s possible for you to prevent your work from being pirated if you never publish it and keep it on your hard drive or in your notebooks forever.

Check out her dot points, and read the article if you've ever been angry about your writing being pirated. The comments are worth looking at too, as some of her points are questioned and Claire responds in kind.

  1. Piracy is not something that can be stopped.

  2. Piracy can be reduced, however.

  3. It’s sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

  4. But the bad has never really been quantified.

  5. It means your work is popular and people like it

  6. People have lots of reasons for pirating.

  7. Fighting piracy is a HUGE sink on money and time.

  8. It's not theft

  9. Everyone commits some level of piracy every day.

I'm trying to think of something to contribute to this very thorough article. My opinions about DRM aren't exactly secret, after all (tl;dr: kill it with fire). Point 7, 'fighting piracy is a HUGE sink on money and time', is key here: writers already find every possible excuse not to write, from research to marketing to all-the-internets. Adding something superficially business-ey like 'fighting ebil pirates' is just another distraction.

The amount of time and effort you have to put in to fight piracy on any level (again, a problem that might not even be a problem) is astronomical. It’s also pretty emotionally draining, and who wants to deal with that when you could be writing?

Indeed: write more!

And make it easy for fans to give you (reasonable amounts of) money.

And definitely read the full article here: http://raynfall.com/719/what-you-need-to-know-about-book-piracy/