Old but good: David Mamet's Master Class Memo (via @movieline, HT: @IanMayor)

Although this advice is specifically aimed at screenwriters (and from 2010), I read through and think it's pretty useful general advice about constructing scenes.

[M]amet lays down an extremely sensible case for what makes good television, imploring [The Unit writers] to avoid expository writing for what he characterizes as authentic "drama." Along the way, he refers repeatedly to the "blue-suited penguins" (probably the copious-note-givers at the network), while passing along some very useful advice ("any time two characters are talking about a third, the scene is a crock of shit") and helpful writing exercises ("pretend the characters can't speak and write a silent movie"). Screenwriters, take note: You may think you knew this already, but there's nothing like Mamet for a good kick-in-the-ass reminder.

Read it here: http://movieline.com/2010/03/23/david-mamets-memo-to-the-writers-of-the-unit/